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Our shampoos is used in France and Europe for over 20 years

Is now available in Canada through
4'Paws Beauty Inc.

Manufacturer, importer and exporter of grooming products for dogs, cats, horses, etc.
As a leading authority in the field, 4'Paws Beauty is known the world over for its expertise and knowledge.
Welcome to our website.
Take some time to browse and learn about some of the product we have to offer.

We carry a wide range of products for all your pet grooming needs.

At 4'Pat Beauty France Inc., you will find everything you need when it comes to luxury pet products.
4'Paws Beauty Inc. is the standard for breeders and grooming salons.


- For soft fur
- For shiny fur
- For silky fur
- For fur that is free of parasite


For champion show animals or to get them ready for competition, use products by 4'Paws Beauty Inc.

Products of champions.

All our grooming products are intended for use on animals.

Economy of use: All our shampoos are concentrated.

Make the most of your time and shop for products by browsing through our online catalogue.

Although you are placing your order online, there are countless real people at the other end involved in preparing your order for delivery.
At 4'Paws Beauty Inc, our teams strive to make sure that all your grooming needs are met.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Enjoy your visit and see you soon!

                                                                         The 4'Paws Beauty Inc. team

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